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If you think you are cursed, do not need to ask someone,” Am I cursed”? anymore. If you have doubts? Do not worry. We have your back. We have created this self-discovery quiz, “Am I cursed Quiz,” to answer your doubts and help you.


What is mean to be cursed?

There are two interpretations to be cursed. That includes myths related and psychological effects as negative thoughts. Myths related to curses can be mostly identified in fables. For example, in “The swan princess” story, there is a cursed princess. She has cursed to become a swan every night by a witch. It is more realistic. It is associated with pessimism. If a person regularly thinks or believes the wrong or harmful side of some matter, that person psychologically becomes affected. Such circumstances can also be identified as cursed because then he/she automatically gets negative impacts on that matter.

What are generational curses?

Heritage is what we receive from our ancestors through the generation. Is it possible to obtain a curse through age? Some people identify poverty, sicknesses, and divorces as generational curses. So the way generational curses are negatively received as a heritage of what our ancestors have done or said. Believes in generational curses are highly religious.

But it is not fair to complain to the ancestors on this matter. Poverty cannot recognize as the sole fault. Sometimes the marriages can be affected as generational curses as a result of narrow sentiments. But in a new society, a new generation has the opportunity not to be affected by that curse. please follow the quiz.

Further, it is better not to consider sicknesses as curses. If you face such a condition, it is better to take it as a challenge. So what we need to overcome ‘generational curses’ is the go, doing, and heart.

Types of curses and how to break them might be cursed

There are several types of curses. Let’s define them one by one and examine good way to break them.

Cursed in love

This type can really place into both categories as myths and realistic always. By considering the fairytales, most of them are related to this category. In those stories, either the prince or the princess has cursed in love. But when they meet their true love, the curse automatically breaks.

But in reality, cursed in love means the mistrust of love. As a result of a previous bitter experience in a relationship, people would lose their belief in love. Then they start to be suspicious about their lover and beloved. So, even without a particular reason, they are psychologically suffering. However, having a love, they have not the opportunity to feel it. It makes the other one also suffer. Then, love becomes a curse.

Breaking this curse does not depend on a fairy or a witch. Solely it is on that person. He/she have to make their mind to face the present. Never let yourself down and start to believe in your love. Then there are no more curses in love. They are blessings.


Curses by God


Cursed to be alone never to find love

Seriously loneliness looks like a curse. From childhood until death, the person nourishes by love. Hopes are necessary to live. Love is a dominant need in life. But if there is no signal to find love in one’s life who is expecting love, it is genuinely a cursed punishment.

To break that curse, first, you have to love yourself. Although it looks like there is no one to love you, provide your love to all. Then indeed, you will receive love in return. The second one is; never lose your hopes. Everybody deserves to have passion. Go ahead through your hopes, and then the curse could not defeat you.


Cursed in life

Some people believe that their entire life is a curse. They only see life’s problem is a collection of challenges that god uses to examine us. If you fail that examination, you will be cursed with stress, sadness, and so on. On the other hand, if you face life challenges successfully, you deserve to have blessings.

Here, you have to face your life responsibilities happily. It is essential never to lose your courage. Never accept problems in life as a curse and welcome them as a challenge to assess yourself. If you are encouraged enough to face the energy, you never be cursed in life. Satisfaction with yourself also helps to break that curse.


Cursed with bad luck

Have you ever feel that you have bad luck? When most of your attempts you try to do become a failure, you can feel it. Further, you may think as your no effort would be successful, or no dream comes true. Sometimes you may be well known as Cursed with lousy luck among your friends or relatives. The problem is not in the curse; it’s in you. Just change your attitudes and be blessed, somewhat cursed.

No one is entirely successful. Every expert is an amateur in the beginning. Never convince yourself as you are a jinx. The most crucial thing is the effort toward the right direction. For example, Mr. Edison had made more than hundreds of attempts to innovate the bulb. Although others also refused him as a loser, he never lost his doing. He chased his luck and became a great successor. So, never under-estimate yourself and make a little effort to overcome this curse.


Cursed financially

The root of many problems is financial insufficiency. They make you suffer not only physically but also ultimately psychologically. When you are suffering from this matter for a long time, it would feel like a curse. Considering the situation in many developing countries in the African region, it looks like they have been cursed financially. It also results from health problems, underdevelopment, crises, and so on.

The base of the break of this curse is education. Education eliminates unemployment and then mostly lesser the financial crises. So, you no more suffer financially.


How do you overcome a curse or bad luck?

There can be many ways to overcome a curse. A few of them can be mentioned as follows;

· Taking a salt bath

· Smudging yourself

· Candle spell

· Create a mirror box

But in modern society, it is better to believe in yourself rather than misbelieves. If you persuade yourself regularly that you are blessed, you can overcome curses.


What is a cursed item? take this quiz

There are some legends on cursed items with bad luck. As examples; Annabelle doll, Bakker’s wedding dress, screaming skull, and so on, etc. These all are some object which relates to a negative or lousy incident and causing evil impacts. So, they are also linked to people’s believes. you need to know what to things to believe.

This am I cursed quiz will help you to get your answer. take this quiz


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