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Do you believe in Hell or Heaven? You have to find where do you belong to! Check this quiz “Heaven Or Hell” and find out the correct answer.




Heaven or Hell 

When you hear these two words, you can figure out what hell and heaven is. This is because from your childhood you have this influence from your family, church, temple, or anywhere that your religion is there. What Do you think is hell and what is heaven? 

When you hear the word “Hell” of course you have a bad feeling. And you feel it as negative at the same time, your senses do know hell is difficult and painful.

When it comes to heaven it always gives the positive and the opposite of hell. Heaven and hell are always decided by you. As human beings, we can engage with good deeds and as well as bad deeds as well. It is you who has to decide whether to do good or bad things. 

When people do unwanted and bad things, those deeds will guide you to hell. If you are trying to harm or kill someone you are definitely dealing with hell. To engage with good deeds, you have to have a good and kind heart filled with love.

When it comes to Buddhism, they always believe in recriminate and if you do good it will follow you and make your way better and also if you do bad, the same will follow you as karma and will punish you at some point.


What is heaven?

Heaven can be explained as a place that is the purest and the highest place that someone can go. No one has seen heaven when they are humans. Many religions have given their perspectives towards heaven and they do have different ideas and theories regarding the same.

The bible says heaven is the place where God is living. Some say it is the holiest place and it is a beautiful paradise. In real heaven, you can find various types of gods, people who are with powers, angels as well. 

Some religions say there are many types of heavens and as in the earth, there are good gods and as well as bad ones too. They do have powers and some of them can live up to million years according to the merits that they have. 


What is hell?

As per most people’s thoughts and theories, hell is a bad and painful place. Many folks have been talking about hell and how it happens. Some say you can find hell and it is located under the earth floor.

Most religions have mentioned if someone has broken the rules if the same person is going to live in a bad situation. And if they have bad thoughts with an ugly heart, these people will go to hell. Once you go to hell you have to face. And experience many difficulties and you have to live with the pain all the time for both of your mind and body at the same time.

Of course, you are not going to go to the underworld with your body, but your soul will be there. It says demons will burn your soul and you have to scream all the time since the pain can not be explained. 


Are you a spiritual soul?

There are some people who have a vivid and true understanding of life, they always try to live their life in a meaningful way. They are the people who believe in karma and there are consequences in life. People have to lie over anyone, they fight with each other, they sometimes kill each other for no reason, they cheat on people, and also they do robberies as well.

Have you ever thought that there are two sides to everything? What if someone has to pay for the things that they have done. Most of the time a spiritual soul thinks of the result before they do anything and they always try to do good deeds for others and for the whole nation as well.

If you really want to be a spiritual soul, you must be thinking that you have to be concerned about every step that you are taking. This process is simple when you compare every situation to yours. Do you like it if someone is harming, cheating, and lying to you? Like that no one is expecting the same from you as well. 


When you see poor people, how do you feel?

In our society, it is a well-known fact that there are poor and rich people all around. Some people were rich and they worked hard to get into some position and they know what they have come through. You might not be a rich person. But if you feel like donating to someone when you have a little money, it matters and it is a good thought.

There are some people who are very selfish and they do not want to donate their money to anyone, since they think it is a waste. When it comes to donating also there are two sides. Some people actually pretend that they are poor and they do not want work since they are bored as well.


Have you ever wished someone a better life?

Well, it is a fact that we are unable to help each other every time. Since everyone is going through something always. But sometimes if you can feel the poverty. And the sad life someone is going through and if you can wish to make it better it will be a great help.

As of now, most people donate and help each other to have more likes and shares on their social media. First, you have to be honest with your heart and decide what you are really doing. When an ambulance is passing by, can you wish good health and a speedy recovery for the person who is there? You are not a person of course, but to do good deeds. You do not have to know them and you do not have to show your qualities to the outer world.





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