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Have you ever thought about Vampires and Werewolves? This interesting quiz “Vampires Or Werewolves” is just for you !




Who was the first vampire?

You can find the past pf a vampire through both myths and legends. But even though these stories are the oldest as well as the most famous, it took a while to get an accurate, better understanding of the vampire past.

Considering this vampire past, one vampire should create an another one.

That is, there must be one of the world’s first vampires. According to legend, a young man who is blessed and cursed becomes a vampire for the first time in the past. This has happened in the Mediterranean. An Italian-born athlete named Ambrogio has thus become a vampire.


The Sun God, also known as Apollo, was the first to curse Ambrogeio’s skin with rage.

Ambrose receives another curse from Apollo’s sister, Artemis. His touch of silver caused the skin to burn as a result of that curse. Artemis, the god of the moon, offers these blessings. She gives Ambrogyo immortality. When his skin exposes to the sunlight and silver, his appearance will always be the same. He has the speed and strength as a blessing. This has enabled him to hunt more efficiently. Another blessing here is the blood-sucking. Ambrogio later wrote love poems to his wife using swan blood. Although there is no definite answer as to what exactly happened to Ambrogio, people suspect that he is still alive today.

Who is the god of vampires?

In ancient mythology, a moon goddess named Seline was introduced. Prior to that, she served as an Ordinary Woman at the Apollo Temple in Delphi. You can find Seline very begging of the vampire story. 

 Her sister also served in the temple. Celine was a nun in the temple. Her first love was Ambrogio. He later became a cursed vampire. This is because Apollo, the sun god, fell in love with Selene. Apollo curses to Ambrogeo angrily.

 But later the moon goddess Artemis, Apollo’s sister, provided protection for Ambrogio and Seline. After sometime Ambrogio and Seline later went to work for Artemis.

 Who werewolves

The part of the creature called the wolf is a part of the pagan folklore that has been around for a long time. The wolf is one of the most widely famous genres in European folklore.

A transformation of a human being in the form of a human being takes place here. That is to say, a man in the form of a man becomes a wolf or a hybrid wolf. This is often referred to as a deliberate curse or simply a curse. Folklore also gives a definite opinion as to when this transformation or change took place. That is to say, the transformation of becoming a wolf takes place during the full moon day, which is a heart-warming day in the sky. From time immemorial, a large number of films, books, and books have been created based on these folk tales.

Who are more powerful vampires or werewolves?

Myths and legends abound that both vampires and werewolves kill humans and that they both look like humans. Although they have some similarities, similarly they have many differences. Vampires are part of immortal beings. werewolves are not like that. They live their lives as human beings. Mythical tales also show that things like sunlight and garlic are intolerable to vampires.

 Vampires have become increasingly popular in mythology and in the past as well as in the present.


The strengths and powers of vampires

Vampires have amazing energy. It is energy unimaginable to the average person. It is believed that vampires will gain a thousand times more energy after they become vampires than they lived as humans. They can lift even large vehicles.

 Another capability that vampires have is super speed. They have an instantaneous speed. They do not feel the tiredness. Vampires can react very quickly. Due to their speed, they can successfully cope with various environmental changes. You have to have great strength, speed, balance, and good endurance to change body position as well as physique very quickly. vampires have these all qualities.

 Vampires have a much higher sensitivity to seeing, hearing, and perceiving than the average person. Hunting can be done well with the ability to hear clearly even from a distance. They have the unique ability to detect vibrational conditions anywhere in the air, water, or on the ground. It’s hard for vampires to lie.

 The strengths and powers of werewolves

Wolves have the ability to hear and see well, even on a dark night. This makes it very easy to pursue their goal.

 A wolf also has the speed of moving from one place to another very quickly. They also have very good speed.

 werewolves are part of a very active creature. They can make a jump even from a very high place. And they can work hard without thinking about the tiredness. 

 What started the war between vampires and werewolves?

According to ancient myths, the werewolves thought that they were enslaved by vampires. As a result of this enslavement, the werewolves became bitterly hostile to the vampires. That is why thousands of years of war began. Although vampires have been referred to as aristocrats in some places throughout history, werewolves have been somewhat less praised. It is clear from the story books and movies that they are trying to outdo each other. There is competition between them. Hatred has sunk into them. They see it as a good thing to fight each other to show their superiority. so, they always challenge each other.

 Why do vampires drink blood?

The main reason vampires drink blood is to save their lives. There are some opinions for fun as well. Some vampires are reluctant to kill or hurt people. In such cases, the vampires hunt animals instead of human blood and obtain animal blood.






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