What Kind Of A Girlfriend Are You Quiz

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Are you in love? And do you want to know “What kind of a girlfriend are you?” This is the perfect time for the same. 




What kind of a girlfriend are you?

If you have to become a girlfriend, you do have to have a relationship with someone. Being a girlfriend is quite interesting and you might feel you are not alone. When you are alone and when you do not have any ties around you, you will be free and you can make yourself happy.

At first, you have to understand why you are having a relationship? The answer is you want to be happy with your partner no matter what. When you are single, you can do whatever you want and you are a free soul. If you want to have a proper relationship you have to sacrifice yourself for some amount, but the thing is you both have to be happy in your ways.

The basic platform for a relationship is trust. Both of you have to have trust towards the other person. And the partner should also keep and protect the trust without cheating the other as well. If you need to have a proper and strong relationship you should have love and trust at the same time. If you want to have a healthier relationship you have to respect each other and this will make your relationship much better.

And the other important fact is giving freedom to one another is also an important fact. Even an animal does not like to be caged and live their lives. When it comes to a relationship,  no one wants to cage themselves even if they love the other person unconditionally. Imagine you have to cut off most of the things that you love because of a relationship? It is difficult and it will be a toxic relationship as well. 


Are you romantic?


Well, many people have so many introductions for being romantic. Romanticism is a feeling that you get towards the person that you love and words can not be explained and expressed the same. When you are romantic, you tend to do the things that you do not do as usual and you might not imagine that you have done some sort of things towards the person you love. If you are too romantic, you might do things to your partner and make them happy. You might have to spare more time with your partner and doing small things will make them happy and will make your relationship strong at the same time.


If your boyfriend has cheated on you, what will you do?


Sometimes, you have to go through things that you do not even imagine and do not accept at all. For incidents like these, how would you react, and what you are going to do. Cheating on someone is one of the bad and the ugliest things that one can do.

When you cheat, you break all the trust that you had in your relationship. Trust is like a glass, and when you break the same can you paste the glass as it is? So when you deal with trust issues you have to do the same, with the right mind and in the right way. 

Some people, of course, will not forgive at any point since cheating is one of the worst things. Some girls will stop their relationship at that moment even though it might hurt them so much. Well, there are some girls who are going to forgive their boyfriends for once and see how it is going to be.

And there are some girls who blindly trust their boyfriends no matter what, they only believe the words that their boyfriend is confessing. It is okay if you are madly in love with someone, but at the same time, you have to maintain your self-dignity and you have to love yourself first.

Well, there are some girls who do want to get revenge since their boyfriend has cheated on them as well. There are some girls who are having a relationship since she gets many more advantages and she does not care whether the guy is cheating on her or not. 


Would you like to cook for your boyfriend?

In this era, it is rare to find girls cooking for their boyfriends. But there are some girls who would love to do cooking and they really enjoy the same. Cooking is a passion and not everybody likes it the same. If you are going to cook you have to do the same with love. It is a fact that you are unable to cook all day since it is time-consuming. And if you are studying or working this will be a hassle as well.

But if you want to impress or make your boyfriend happy you can experience this and see how it is going to go. Well, you might hate cooking and you do not want to cook or make anything, then it is better to order something out as well. When you are truly in love with someone, you might do the things that you never did as well.


How do you convey to him that you love him a lot?

People do love and care for each other and some actually do not know how to convey that feeling in a nicer way. Some girls are madly in love with a guy and they do convey that even through text. You can of course use emoji and all you can open up and say that you do love him.

And some girls do not always want to say “I love you” always. They always keep a gap in between them since they are not 100% sure whether this guy is serious or not. Because people can change every second without a reason.  

The fact is every small thing can make someone happy. It will not cost to say “I love you” and automatically that person will feel the same. And they also will think twice before they do anything in the future. If you are able to spend some money. Of course, you can buy something that they like on a special day and convey to them how much they mean to you.

Spare more time is also a good step to convey the love towards him and when your boyfriend is sick. You can always pay attention and look after him at some point too. Love and being in a relationship is always a mutual understanding with someone. 





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