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Sometimes you might be a submissive. But you have to have an exact term only for you. Check this amazing quiz “What kind of a submissive am I? and find your suitable answer.




What kind of submissive am I?

Submissive is a vast term and you can find many more explanations for the same. A simple meaning of the submissive is someone can be dominant over you and you are becoming a dependent in many situations. Submissiveness is also the personality of someone in some situations. When you consider your day to life and your regular lifestyle, you might be a submissive as well. Let’s find out whether it’s true or false.

What do you think, when a woman is tied?

We live in the 21st century and we do have different choices and desires when it comes to your sex life. Sometimes women become submissive by tying themselves. And some people see this negatively and they think she is insane and the whole situation is disgusting. Some might think, the woman who is facing this situation believes her partner so much. Some people might think she is totally a prisoner and she does not have any future and a positive lifestyle for her own.

How do you enjoy your physical desires? Is it read or write?

If you are a human being, when you are at an exact age you do have physical desires with your hormones. Women have estrogen and men have testosterone in their bodies. When you grow up you have different signs in your body. And because of these hormones, men and women automatically attract each other no matter what.

When it comes to desires, you might have different things in your head, and they might roam every time when there is a physical desire for you. Even if men and women have different hormones, some might have more hormones than they used to have in their bodies and that makes them think differently and have different physical desires as well.

What word best describes you?

When we are talking about the topic of submissiveness, there are some words that will describe you in a perfect way. You might be a shiteater, and you would love to do things that no one ever tries to do when it comes to physical desires. You might love to do humiliation, and this can humiliate yourself or your partner in a sexual manner. It is you who knows your type and it is you who can recognize your desires and likes when you do have a physical desire.

Have you ever tied up yourself?

For some people this might be a complex statement to handle. but in the 21st century this desire is quite common with people and some are actually loving it to have. And some people would love to experience the same and see what exactly it is. Being tied up is not easy sometime. Because you have to trust your partner completely. And without knowing each other, some face many difficult situations when they are going to experience the same. Even though some people are okay with being tied up, that does not mean you also should love the same. This process might be stressful and painful for some and when you choose what you are going to do, be mindful and choose.

What is your role play?

It is difficult to act like a submissive for both at a same time and you have to choose whether you are going to be a submissive or you are going to offer the same for your partner. When it comes to an exact role play, you do not always have to end up on a bed and to have sexual intercourse. You can dress sexy and nicely and impress your partner from simple things as well. Facial expression might be a simple thing but it plays a major role when it comes to this situation. When you choose a role play, it can be different from time to time. And pick a good one and try to enjoy the same. Since this process should make you happy as well as your partner too.


The thought of being owned by another person makes me.

People are different and people always have their own thoughts and desires. Some people would love to be independent and live their own ways. Even though you are financially independent, in a physical relationship you might like to be owned by your partner. If you have not experienced the physically owned when it comes to sex, it is okay to experience the same and have an idea.

Maybe you will love the same or you never want to do the same again as well. But for every situation, you need to have a good partner who understands your desires and flows. Then you both can enjoy the same without a hassle. Being a submissive is not a small area and you do have a c\vast area to study and know. If you are truly willing to experience and take this step, it is better to have a background check and do the same, then you can find your climax.






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