What Type Of A Wine You Are?

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Are you a wine lover? If you are, you can find your personality through wine. Check this quiz “What Type Of A Wine You Are?”





Wine is one of the most famous beverages that you can find around the world. It says after water most people drink wine. It is a well-known fact that water is the major beverage among people and most European countries tend to have wine when they have their meals instead of water. 

Wine is mostly made with grapes and you have to ferment the grapes to have better wine. The earliest evidence has found that China has fermented drinks and Georgia and Iran were also there. When it comes to now, France and Italy have the most popular dignity towards wine and they make wine in larger numbers and they do have many acres for the fine grapes as well. 


What are red wine and white wine?

Red wines are the most popular, expensive, and classy beverage when it comes to wine. These red wines are made with dark red colored grapes. The color of red automatically happens because of the husk of the grapes and when the farmers ferment the same in a wood barrel this color automatically becomes a beautiful red color with time. 

When it comes to white wine, you all must have seen that the color is pale and like champagne. And when it comes to white wine, you must be wondering, how to appear that white and pale color to this beverage. It is because people remove the husk of the grape before taking the same and some people mostly use the green grapes to make fine white wine.


What is the procedure to make wine?

When it comes to winemaking, harvesting is the first step out of all. You have to grow grapes in large numbers or small numbers according to your capacity. And then you have to use fertilizers and other things according to the time basis. Then you have to pick what are the best grapes to pick and harvest. Without harming the mother tree, you have to cut grape stems carefully. 

Then grapes should sort, we can do this with a machine if it is a larger number. This machine helps to remove the stems, leaves, and other unwanted things and sort grapes in a gentle manner. After this, you should crush the grapes. and when it comes to white wine, they need to be pressed without crushing at once. 

And the next important step is fermentation. For this step sugar and the yeast should be added to the pulp and it should be transferred to oak barrels or stainless steel tanks for around two weeks. The level of alcohol of course deals with sugar and if you add more sugar the level of alcohol will be high as well. 

Pressing is the next step, normally white wine has to be pressed before the fermentation and red wine after the fermentation. Bladder press, continuous press, and moving head press are some of the popular styles of pressing. 

Aging is the next step in wine-making. Ancient Iran and Italy people used to make wine and store it for many years and in my experience, they know when the wine gets olds the flavor and the quality will be rich. It says Oak will help to generate a great flavor and oak can make wine more smooth as well. 

The final step of winemaking is bottling the wine. After some time when the wine is fermenting, you can bottle the same accordingly. Fine restaurants and hotels always ask for good and fine wine. 

Which country produces the most wine around the world?

As we know, most countries use wine as a regular drink. Wine is also a classy drink in between many people. When compared to the last few years Italy is the major and the leading country that is making wine and exporting for other countries as well. Italy has come up with 21.6 million hectolitres in 2019. Italy, Spain, France, and the United States of America are the leading countries that make fine wine around the world and of course, they deliver the same around the world as well. 


What is the size of the wine bottles?

I am pretty sure you have seen many wine bottles in your day today? Aren’t they pretty? When it comes to red wines, it always presents in dark bottles most of the time, and white wines of course you can see transparently. 

When it comes to the bottle sizes of the wine, there are a few that you can have a look at. Well, the fact is there are specific names for the wine bottle sizes as well. Split is the smallest size and it contains 187.5ML, Demis contains 375ML, Jennie contains 500ML, Standard contains 750ML, Magnum contains 1.5ML, DBL Magnum contains 3Ls, Jeroboam contains 4.5Ls, Imperial contains 6Ls, Salmanazar contains 9Ls, Balthazar contains 12Ls, Nebuchadnezzer contains 15Ls altogether. 


What are the most popular wines around the world?

As you know there are millions of wines around the world and among them also, there are the most popular ones as well. Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most famous wines.  Merlot also plays a major role in the winery world, this was also founded in France.

Airen is a white wine that is a popular brand around the world. This wine has the highest amount of sugar as well. Chardonnay is the most popular white wine around the world and grapes with green husks will use to make these amazing beverages and people do love it at once. Point Noir is the most popular red wine around the world. People would love to feel the great aroma and love to see the true color and the taste of this amazing wine. 


What is wine tasting?

When you hear the statement, it can be quite simple and normal. But the true fact is that wine tasting is one of the most sensible activities around the world. Wine tasting is one of the most elegant classy events which is happening around the world. People who attend this event wear classy and elegant attires and normally they do not wear fragrances. 

If you like to experience wine tasting you always have to eat something because having more wine makes you drunk. It is better if you can take notes and talk with winemakers since that will be a great experience. And the best thing is you always have to have fun. 





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