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Are you curious about your wife? If you are, this is the perfect quiz for you! Check this quiz “What Will My Wife Look Like” and find the best one for you!




What will my wife look like?

A wife is a social name that is given to a female person when she is legally married to a man in society. We live in the 21st century and people do have relationships with one another and they start to live together to find out they have the best match for them. And when they have engaged they are finally thinking about the marriage. This is the norm of most European cultures.

And when it comes to the Eastern and Asian culture this is a bit different from the European culture. Asians are more strict when it comes to marriage. People can date of course, but it is prohibited to live together before the marriage, and this rule is mostly implemented by the family of the relevant couples as well.

But some couples, of course, do not care about tradition and things. They always try to think beyond the rules and they do what they prefer. 


Are you concerned about her height?

When it comes to women, as per genetics and all they are kind of short than the men. And of course, you can find some women who are taller than men. When it comes to height most guys would like to have someone who is shorter than them or of equal size.

But there are some people who do not care about the height of the person, but they do and trust true love. Considering height or not is totally up to you. When it comes to women most of them would love to have a tall boy since it is huggable.  


Are you color concerned?

Marriage is not an easy task and you do have many more responsibilities. Around the world, there are so many different skin types of people that you can see. Some people are racist and they actually need white or black or brown people to get married.

This reason is mostly linked with family as well. Since if a black person is going to marry a white person and no one in their family has not done the same, it will be difficult at once. so people do have a concern about skin color sometimes.  


Are you going for looks or understanding?

Well, people would love to date the most beautiful, gorgeous women and they are also proud of themselves when they are dating a gorgeous woman. But when it comes to marriage, have you seen people who are concerned about looks? Some people, of course, always think about looks when it comes to marriage and at the same time, some people do not care about looks that much. They always believe that more than looks the other person should be understanding the situation. If there is a good and strong understanding that is the main strongest basement of your relationship. 

Your marriage is not always a rosebed, many times you might have to face ups and downs in your life. So when there is an understanding partner it is extremely easy to adjust the things around you and there should be a mutual understanding between you two. You might be a rich person today, but who knows what will happen tomorrow. Even if you are rich or poor if there is a person who will always support you and guide you will be a good and the best choice that you are going to make.

As of now, many marriages are not going to be successful, since no one is there to sacrifice for each other, people are being selfish and thinking only about themselves. Some people of course go for marriage since the partner is rich and there are millions of advantages that they can get. The truth is at some point you will miss true affection, love, trust, companionship at the same time. 


What is the perfect body shape for you?

When you look around you, you can see many women have different and unique body types for them. Some women have so many shapes, their waist has the most unique and attractive look. And they do have a wide hip and a back as well. Some women are large in size and they do have a filled body with a beautiful face.

Some do have double chins and some do have beautiful jawlines with them. It is not a secret that most men would love a good and attractive backside of a woman. It is one of the most attractive body parts for a woman. 

Even though you do look for a better look and better body shape, with time these bodies might change and fade away. It is okay to go for some looks, but at the same time, you have to have an attraction for the person’s heart and the soul. These combinations always help you to have a good and perfect bond with your partner. 


What is the hair type that you prefer over a woman?

For a woman and for a man the hair always adds a great personality. And beauty at the same time to their bodies. If you notice people around you, you will figure there are so many hair types and colors all over.

When it comes to hair colors there are so many colors that a person is gifted from their birth, Raven black, light brown, dark brown, blonde, white, grey. And also there is red hair which is kind of rare to find as well. 

When it comes to the types of someone’s hair. It is also different and you can see curl hair, wavy hair, coil hair, and straight hair. As of now, most people do their hair as they want.

Since some people find out it is very difficult to have curly hair. Since it can not be properly combed and maintained. And some people love to have curly hair, since the same always adds a rich look for most people.





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