Which Greek Goddess Are You?

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Are you believe in Greek mythology and Beautiful Greek Goddess?  This amazing quiz is just for you! Check this quiz ” Which Greek Goddess Are You?” and find the best answer for you.





Which Greek goddess are you?

When it comes to the Greek era it is very interesting and you can find out many interesting and amazing facts with the greek history. Some say Greek has a mythology since as per the science no one can prove the same with valid evidence. When it comes to the greek gods they take the most special place in the Greek history. When we talk about the gods we have to go back to the 5th century to find out the roots of this amazing story. People named Uranus as the first god and the Gaes as the first goddess. With the time their family has spreaded for a vast area and we are pretty sure you must have known many more gods throughout history. It is considered the Zeus is the kind of the gods and goddess as well. 

In ancient Greece and Rome people used to tell and connect with the gods that they have never seen but they have believed that there are gods and goddesses, watching them and helping them out to do all their work in their day to day life. Ancient people used to build the temples for these gods and goddesses and they used to worship as well. They also believed every god or a goddess is representing something. If you go through the arts, literature and architecture you can see they have depicted the myths everywhere.


Which fruit that you are going to pick for a feast?

When it comes to fruits there are so many things that you can find out. When it comes to fruits almost all fruits are juicy, and they have good flesh in every fruit. Some fruits are really pretty and you can not have a thought to eat the same since they are pretty. For a feat fruits should be very  fresh, tasty and the eye catchy at the same time. You can have strawberries, Raspberries, blueberries and these will add a true and rich color for the feast. Apples, Bananas, Water melons, Oranges, Tangerines, avocados will do a great job for the same as well. 


Is it Zeus, Poseidon or Apollo.

Well Zeus is the king of the gods and goddess and he has a strong personality with him. You can see him with a pinstriped suit with a grey and neat beard and he is carrying a lightning bolt with him a well. As well as the king of gods, Zeus is the god for the sky too. In older days he always helped to resolve the family matters of Olympians and he always kept his eye on beautiful women as well. There was a story that he once threw one of his sons from on top of the mount Olympus because Zeus found the baby is too ugly.

Poseidon is also a very interesting character, He is the ruler of the sea. Poseidon carries a three pointed trident with him. It was famous that back in days he was a very moody god among others. When he is in a good mood he used to create horses out of the sea foams and when he is in a bad mood he always used to sink fleets and make earthquakes as well. 

Apollo is one of the handsome gods that you can find in history. He is the most interesting god since he is the ruler for archery, Poetry, Prophecy, medicine, and for the sun as well.  Apollo loved all the subjects and he is a genius through all that too. He carries a lyre and a laurel wreath on his head. 


Is it Athena, Nemesis or Iris?

There are female goddesses also you can find out in the Greek and the roman history. Athena is one of the most famous goddesses in history. Athena is the goddess of War, wisdom and useful arts. It is said that she was a very active soul and she always helped Greeks to win many wars in the past as well. She has one of the most proudest attitudes and also a great temper too. 

Nemesis is the goddess of revenge when you see her you will figure how powerful she is through her evil look. It is mentioned that she has wings on her and she will not easily give you the victory when there is something. 

Iris is one of the most positive goddesses throughout history. She is the goddess of the rainbow and she is the messenger of the gods as well. She has maiden wings and she always helped Zeus and Hera in many ways. It is said that earlier days people would have loved to see Iris, even though she is not that popular. 


What is your mythical creature?

As mythical gods and goddesses, you know there are mythical creatures as well. But the fact is we do have a great bond with them and we are unable to refuse the same even though they are mythical. Dragon is one of the most famous mythical creatures and it is popular in the 21st century as well. China has the roots of the dragon and no one has seen the same in  past and present as well. Unicorn is a mythical creature who has a honk on his forehead and when it comes to the body shape it is more equal to the smaller version of the horse. 

Hydra is also a mythical creature who has snakes heads all over the main head and it represents the fear. Mermaid is also a mythical creature who has the upper body as a female and the lower body as a fish tale. No one has seen a mermaid and people believe that mermaids are there in the deep dark sea. Cerberus, Centaur, Griffin, are also mythical creatures and no one has seen these creatures but they believe in their folks that these creatures are still there alive. With old stories and all you might be having a favorite mythical creature as well. Pick the best one. 





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